These are some of the exact protocols

I use with my clients and families.

Feel free to grab one or more guides

to help you get started on the

road to better health!

Immune System Support PDF

Are you stuck, getting sick multiple times during the winter, with kids passing germs around and around? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Then look no more. This is my tried-and-true guide to help address the fundamentals of immune support using food, professional grade supplements, and essential oils.

My 5 pillars of Immune System Support include:

  • Support Entering into Deep Sleep Nightly

  • Tips for Managing Stress Effectively

  • Guidance on What Foods to Avoid

  • Guidance on What Foods to Eat

  • Specific Recommendations on Natural antimicrobials, antivirals, and General Immune System Supportive Supplements


The Foundations Guide

Learn the Key Foundational Steps to take

before attempting any type of detox program

in this 72-page Guide.

This PDF is an Overview of Phase 1 of both of my packages, so if you're looking to dip your toes into my methods,this is a perfect way to start!

  • Part 1: Learn the Importance of Anchoring Foundational Health Habits First

    • Foundational foods to eat while on a Healing Protocol; how to maximize the absorption of nutrients; a step by step food guide linked

    • Deep Sleep Support PDF linked to help you master sleep once and for all

    • Why your tap water is hindering your healing and what to drink instead

    • How to overcome chronic constipation

    • Why stress management matters

    • How gratitude & mindset can help you

      enter into a healing state & complement stress management techniques

  • Part 2: Learn How to Open Blocked Drainage Pathways

    • The Hows & Whys of Opening Drainage Pathways

    • An Assessment to see where your Blocked Drainage Pathways are

    • Simple Solutions to Support your Blocked Pathways

    • How Supporting Mitochondria turns on the Drainage Funnel

  • Part 3: Putting It All Together

    • The Overall Plan so you can DIY it

    • Drainage Assessment so you know where you need support

    • Purchasing Links to grab your supplements

    • Parasite 101 FAQ to understand why we cleanse them first

    • The Cliff Notes Version on 2 pages if you're overwhelmed with all the info

If you're looking to dip your toes into my methods,

this is a perfect way to start!


Contact: jkwellnessva@gmail.com

Based in Virginia, serving clients nationwide.


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